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WebGrip, Inc. is a privately owned corporation located in Vancouver, WA just north of Portland OR. We have been providing quality software to the Net since 1995, and specialize in website promotional tools.

We have Reseller programs for iTrafficSeeker, Media Magnet, SearchEnginePromotion.Biz and Smart-Webhosting, and would love to have you work with us. You can find out more information on these programs by going directly to their information pages.

Smart-Webhosting: Ecommerce webhosting starting at $9.95. We pay 50% commissions earning a residual income for every reseller. No one on the Net pays more!

TrafficSeeker: Automate your URL submission to over 800,000 search engines, directories and link pages.

Media Magnet: Automate the process of submitting your press release to over 16,000 targeted media contacts.

SearchEnginePromotion.Biz: Automate your submissions with NO software to download. Get set up instantly and be promoting your site in under 1 minute!

Don't have time to promote your site? Hire WebGrip to do it for you. We offer the following services to get your site noticed:

1. Search Engine Analysis: we will track your site in the top 20 search engines and give you exact positioning of where your site is listed (or if it's listed at all). You will receive a precise report giving you all of the details. Cost: $45.00

2. Website Analysis: before you ever submit your website to the search engines, you need to have your website in order. This includes having your meta tags and website done properly so the search engines can find your site! We will do everything from creating meta tags for your site to restructuring your site so the search engine's bots can find all of the information required to get listed well. Cost: $75 - $500 (very broad range but this will be based on what your site will need. Contact us for a quote).

3 Website Promotion: one of the most important items your business needs to focus on is your position in the major search engines. While there's no guarantee of a top 10 placement (anyone guaranteeing this is blatantly ripping you off), we have the experience and knowledge to give you the best chance of coming up very high in search engine placements. It is still the case that 85% of your Net traffic will come from the major search engines, but we will also submit your site to the lesser known engines which will help drive the other 15% of traffic to your site. We will hand submit your site to the top 20 search engines and then we will submit your site to over 6000 other engines and resources giving your site the ultimate promotion! Cost: $39.95

To receive your custom quote, please send us an email and let us know which services you're interested in. If you are looking at option #2, please supply your website's URL so we can evaluate it and better customize the services to your needs. We do offer a discount if you choose all 3 options. Contact Us Today!

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